MADE: Grainline Willow Tank with a Border

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Jennifer Swartzwelder | 3 comments

I made another Willow! The new tank pattern from Grainline Studio has a straight hemline. I thought that would be pretty great for a border print and Alison Glass's Handcrafted fabrics are a great weight for a summer top. I wear a lot of black, grays, and muted colors, but I do kind of have a thing for mustard-y yellows mixed with pinks, so this print was a different, yet easy choice for me.

Grainline Studio Willow Tank in border print fabric - Spool Fabric Shop | Pittsburgh

So what to do about the hem? I quite like the wide hem as designed in the pattern, but the print on this particular fabric continued so close to the selvedge and the selvedge itself is so lightweight, that I decided to just go ahead and eliminate the hem altogether. On a top that widens toward the hem, the "straight" hemline will actually have a bit of a curve to it, so if you decide to go this route, just make sure that your side seams don't come down at too steep of an angle, creating too much of a point on your sides. So easy!

Grainline Studio Willow Tank in border print fabric - Spool Fabric Shop | Pittsburgh

I'm really loving the shape and fit of the Willow! After wearing this top, I do plan to go back and adjust the front of my armscye as I found I need a little more room for movement there - a fit issue I've had with other patterns as well, so no big surprise there.

Pattern: Willow Tank Dress from Grainline Studio

Fabric: Handcrafted 2 - Petal in Gold

Size: 10

Alterations:  Eliminated the hem to maximize the fabric border

If you're feeling inspired by the border print, here are some other border print fabrics to consider. Just remember to check to see if the fabric has the border on one or both sides and plan to adjust your cutting layout - in my case, I did not need to buy any more fabric than was indicated on the pattern.

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Lesley Phillips
Lesley Phillips

March 14, 2017

I love this! did you cut on the cross-grain? I have border print fabric and I would like to try this, but I am worried about changing the fit.

Jen @ Spool
Jen @ Spool

August 05, 2016

Hey, thanks Allie! The shoes are Dansko. Good luck on your new adventures in sewing – I think one of the keys to success is remembering to sew garments that fit your own style. I know it’s easy to get side-tracked!


May 31, 2016

hi. I absolutely love you’re shoes could you tell me the brand or where you got them from please I’ve been looking for something just like them and they’d be perfect. That top is really pretty I love the mustard colour. I’m only just learning to sew clothes and the problem I have is being so inspired by what I have seen on here my to do list keeps getting longer. ???

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