MADE: Myrtle Dress in Cotton Lawn

Posted on May 05, 2015 by Jennifer Swartzwelder | 2 comments

When the Colette Myrtle pattern was released late last Summer, I knew rather quickly that I wanted to make one. As Michelle was stitching her knit version (and raving about it) I quickly followed behind, only I wanted to go with a woven fabric. I chose one of the cotton lawn prints from Cotton + Steel’s debut collection. It was a super quick make and I love it, but it was left unblogged…until now!

I’ve seen a little discontent out there with woven versions, so I really wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

As with many garments, fabric choice plays a big role in your success.  If you want to take a swing at your own woven myrtle, a nice drapey fabric will give you the best results. A lightweight lawn worked for me – I was happy to trade a little drape for the lightness of this fabric – but it certainly doesn’t have the sexy swoop at the neckline, if that’s what you’re hoping for.

I won’t go into much detail on construction, as Colette has already done so with their sew-along, but one of the big differences from the knit version is in the self-faced waistband. Contrary to the knit, the woven instructions have you flip the waistband upward into the bodice rather than downward into the skirt. The result is that your waistband is actually placed quite a bit higher on the bodice. Having already constructed my bodice and seeing how high it sat on my long torso, I knew this was bound to turn out badly (elastic around my ribs? no thanks). So, I did a little workaround to save some of that bodice length, using only the skirt fabric to form the inside of the elastic casing rather than both the bodice and skirt fabrics together. Saved!

I also strayed a bit on the shoulder tabs. When I had first seen the dress, I assumed the shoulder tabs meant that adorable little buttons would be featured on the shoulders. Right?! Well, the buttons are meant to go inside, but I had already unearthed darling little buttons from the stash to match my dress, so I went ahead and made them visible and used just one buttonhole on each side. I can still choose to wrap them the opposite way and have the buttons hidden with a smooth tab across the top.

I really thought this dress needed a belt to finish it off and the one shown here is not a great fit for it (especially without belt loops), so I have since sewn up a matching sash. Chances are pretty good that you’ll have enough extra dress fabric to do so as well – or get crazy and make one in a contrasting fabric.

The result is a an easy-wearing dress that I don’t have to save for fancy occasions. Plus…pockets. Now, if I can just remember before taking it off that I’ve secured my bra strap inside those tabs…that would be great.

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Jen @ Spool
Jen @ Spool

April 19, 2016

Aw, thanks Marcella!


April 19, 2016

Hi! Just wanted to say I LOVE your dress (and your shoes!). I want everything cotton lawn!

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