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Posted on February 11, 2015 by Jennifer Swartzwelder | 0 comments

Bags. I feel like I should be using a more alluring word when talking about this, but…there is something really, really satisfying about making bags. For me, anyway. I think it’s the neatly finished details. And the pockets. (Oddly enough, the same things that make me love a hand sewn garment!) The fabric love goes without saying, of course.

I’d worn my last everyday bag pretty ragged by the time I decided to make the Noodlehead Runaround Bag as a replacement a few months ago. I wanted to keep it fairly versatile (I am not a “different bag for every outfit” kind of gal) and I do love stripes, so I decided to use this Indigo hemp/cotton stripe. Sturdier than a quilting cotton, but still soft enough to handle those gathers.

So…wanna know what else is really gratifying? Well-matched stripes in a sewing project. So when I totally nailed this…I’m not gonna lie, I was quite pleased with myself. I sew for a lot of reasons, but taking pride in what I’ve made is one of them, just as I hope it is for every maker.

Enough about me. The Runaround Bag. As far as bags go, this one has really simple construction as it is finished with bias binding. The details are inside – in my case, both a neat, zippered pocket and a slip pocket. Oh, I love a good zipper as well – this one I pulled from my stash, salvaged from some other bag years ago.

Oh, yeah…did I mention I put pink baby tigers inside? Well, I did.

I sized my slip pocket with three sections to hold my phone, a pen, and whatever else (usually business cards or other small paper bits).

I did finish mine with a magnetic closure, which is good for when the bag gets tossed around, but I sort of wish mine were slightly less magnetic as it takes quite a tug to pull it apart.

All in all, I’m liking this bag as a great everyday bag – just the right size and easy to grab and go! If you’re not already familiar with Noodlehead bags, do swing by Anna’s site when you have a little time. Good stuff over there, plus she’s got a book coming out soon, plus she’s got a fabric line debuting this year for Cloud9 Fabrics.

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