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Posted on August 05, 2014 by Jennifer Swartzwelder | 0 comments

I had mentioned in my earlier Ruby Dress post that I had already made the Made-By-Rae Ruby pattern as a top as well. As promised, here it is.

I like to call this “How to Make a Ruby Top Out of Two Half Yard Cuts of Fabric.” I had only a half yard of each of these prints (both from Leah Duncan’s Meadow collection for Art Gallery Fabric). A half yard is great for quilting or small projects, but a little trickier for an adult-sized garment. Nonetheless, I really wanted to make something for myself that would keep the larger, floral print mostly intact.

To make this work, I used the full length and width of a half yard for the main fabric and limited the gathering to fit the yoke. My contrast yoke fabric was then used to add length to the bottom and I included side openings to accommodate my curves. Both yoke and bottom were lined with a lightweight cotton.

And there you have it! Admittedly, if I were any larger, this would not have worked, but it can be a great way to make some smaller cuts work for a child’s top or dress as well. Had I a little girl to sew for, this very well may have been a darling little dress.

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