MADE: Wiksten Tova, Two Ways – Pattern Now In Stock

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Did you know that we’ve started stocking sewing patterns? Our pattern orders are still coming in, but several are already listed for sale in the shop. One of them is the Wiksten Tova. If you’ve been around the online sewing block, no doubt you’ve seen the Tova in one form or another – and perhaps you’ve already made one (or two or three) for yourself.

The pattern includes two lengths – top and dress. One of the great perks of this well-drafted pattern is that it lends itself well to customization – you can do a lot of variations, each garment having it’s own look.

Here is the the Tova top made up in Cloud 9 Organic cotton voile (this is the abalone cove print from the Palos Verdes line) – a longer-length top with three quarter length sleeves.
Wiksten Tova - Spool pittsburgh
I chose a size Medium based on bust measurement and graded out for a larger hip measurement. I found the fit of the bodice to be really great.

Wiksten Tova - Spool pittsburgh

In case you’re wondering about the sheerness of this voile (I know I was), despite the light color, I think it is totally useable for a top without a lining and I haven’t found the need to wear a camisole underneath.

Wiksten Tova - Spool pittsburgh

I did use interfacing for the collar and placket…and I wish I hadn’t! With this lightweight fabric, I think I’d prefer that the entire bodice have the light drape of the voile. Lesson learned! I’m still considering adding a few tiny buttons to the placket.

I also made a sleeveless Tova dress in robin’s egg blue linen, a somewhat stiff linen from my stash (I may or may not hoard linen…don’t judge). Removed the sleeves, bias-bound the armholes, and added a few inches to the hem.

Wiksten Tova sleeveless dress - Spool pittsburgh

With this fabric, the interfaced collar and placket are just right – the bodice stands up without flopping which is perfect this version of the Tova.

Wiksten Tova sleeveless dress - Spool pittsburgh

I also added a little hand-embroidery down the front of the dress (I used the chevron stitch, if you’re curious). Any guesses as to what prompted the embroidery?

Wiksten Tova sleeveless dress - Spool pittsburgh

I’d like to say that it was merely an extra design element, but that’s not the case. Before this linen hit my fabric stash, it was part of someone else’s stash…for quite a while I’m guessing. I somehow failed to notice that it was ever so slightly faded along the fold line of the fabric. That is, until I was half way through making the dress and otherwise in love with it. So…embroidery to the rescue. I think it worked out rather well, don’t you?

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