Made: Double Gauze Lakeside Pajamas

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So, have you met double gauze? If not, allow me to introduce you. She is soft and comfy. Breathable and airy, yet not sheer. This is the fabric in which you want to gently swaddle a sweet, newborn babe. Or…for those of us into selfish sewing, swathe yourself! Whether you make a soft quilt, a scarf, or a summer top, double gauze will keep you covered, yet still breathing on warm days.

Double Gauze Lakeside Pajamas - Spool Pittsburgh

As summer has arrived, I know there will be some hot days and nights ahead of me. Perfect time to stitch up some light summer pajamas. The Lakeside Pajama pattern from Grainline Studio is the perfect pajama pattern for summer. Spaghetti straps, lapped open back and shorts.

Double Gauze Lakeside Pajamas - Spool Pittsburgh

I chose this lovely blue dot organic cotton double gauze (check out our current selection of double gauze). I found the pattern to be quite simple and my only alteration was to make the shorts a wee bit longer, because honestly, I don’t tend to do skimpy, particularly on my lower half.

Double Gauze Lakeside Pajamas - Spool Pittsburgh

Did you know that this double gauze has a reverse dot pattern on the opposite side? That made it simple to make the binding on the pajamas from a contrasting, yet equally soft fabric. Just as I thought, the double gauze is a breeze to sleep in.

Double Gauze Lakeside Pajamas - Spool Pittsburgh

Want to know what wasn’t a breeze? Sewing this one quarter inch bias binding in double gauze. Two tiny layers of loosely woven cotton were a bit troublesome at times. I can only recommend that choice if you are up for a challenge!

Double Gauze Lakeside Pajamas - Spool Pittsburgh

You could certainly simplify things by making the binding a bit wider or by choosing another fabric altogether for the binding. I didn’t want to compromise on the aesthetic of the pattern design or the softness, so if I were to take on the same challenge again, I think I would actually choose to finish the binding by hand – slow and steady!

What are you going to make with double-gauze this summer?

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