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Yes, those are whales. Lovely blue whales, and lots of them. As soon as I saw this fabric, I knew I wanted to wear it. It is from a line of quilting cotton called Hearty Good Wishes from designer Janet Clare. It has been discontinued, so I’m sorry to say it’s not available in the Spool shop, but I must admit that the whole line had me swooning a bit. When I saw my whale fabric next to the indigo denim on my cutting table, I decided they belonged together and sought a pattern to marry them. I ended up going with the Ruby dress from Made by Rae. Simple and summery with the option of a blouse length.

Ruby Dress with Whales - Spool Pittsburgh

Given the light color of the main fabric I decided I should give it a full lining. Conveniently enough, Rae has instructions for just that on her site so I knew it would be easy.

The result…a simple sew with thorough instructions and accurate sizing. No closures on this dress, making it another beginner-friendly pattern. Be warned that this dress does NOT have pockets…bummer! I considered adding side seam pockets, but I also envisioned wearing the dress belted, and I feared the addition of patch pockets, while adorable, would put the little-girlish look of my dress over the edge. So, pocketless it is.

Ruby Dress with Whales - Spool Pittsburgh

I did add a bit of length as I am on the taller side and was pretty sure I’d want to wear it with bare legs in summer. I fear it is still on the shorter side when it comes to…ahem, bending over. Perhaps, it shall get some use as a belted tunic in the Fall!

Ruby Dress with Whales - Spool Pittsburgh

My one fit issue with this pattern is the armholes. The initial fit of the dress resulted in truly uncomfortable rubbing against the front of my arms along the armhole. I ended up doing a little surgery to take the armhole seam in an extra half inch, just at the front, to allow more room for arm movement. Much better.

Ruby Dress with Whales - Spool Pittsburgh

Keep in mind, if you’re sticking to the original, un-lined version of the pattern, you’ll have a chance to try it on (don’t forget to sit down in it!) and make any adjustments before you bind the armholes.

Despite that little hang-up, I’ve already gone ahead and made a Ruby top – more on that to come!

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