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Does anything scream summer like gingham does? I think not. As soon as I saw this ruffled halter pattern (it’s a free download!), I knew I had to make it for my daughter. I loved the sample in gingham and I just so happen to have quite a bit of gingham in  my stash. For once,  I wasn’t caught up in my usual state of fabric indecision for this project!  I made a size larger since my daughter has a long torso and needed the extra length and I also like to ensure a little more wear time out of handmade clothes for my kids.


This is a very forgiving pattern since the ruffles are simply edge stitched instead of hemmed. The bias cut of the ruffles allows for a nice drape and the tie at the neck makes it easily adjustable for your kiddo.

Like all oliver+s patterns, the instructions are very thorough and descriptive. If you are a beginner sewist and looking to expand on your skills, I think this is a great pattern for that as you will be inserting elastic, gathering stitches, and cutting fabric on the bias.

I can see a few more of these in my daughter’s future for sure and look forward to having some fun mixing patterns for the ruffles. I am having fun adding to her summer wardrobe and seeing what everyone else has made for their kids. Be sure to share the handmade items your kiddos are wearing this month on your blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr with #madeforkidsmonth!

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