Made: Indigo Denim Miette Wrap Skirt

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Summer = skirts. Wrap skirts = EASY! Easy to make, easy to wear.  I chose the Miette pattern from Tilly and the Buttons and made it with the lightweight indigo denim we have in the shop (more on that later). I’m calling this my 70’s Mom Skirt and I mean that in a wonderful way. If you’re a child of the 70’s, I bet you can picture your mom wearing something like this, no?

Miette Wrap skirt in Indigo denim

First, the pattern. This was my first make from one of Tilly’s patterns and I immediately loved her, simply because I found that my measurements matched exactly to one of her sizes. That doesn’t often happen and I look forward to finding out if that holds true for her other, more fitted patterns. If you’re new to garment sewing, this is a great first project – no zips, no buttonholes, no fuss. The pattern construction is super simple and Tilly has incredibly thorough step-by-step instructions for the Miette on her site if you need a little extra guidance or simply learn better with photos. Now, I’m not gonna lie…with the length of the waist ties and the wrap-around skirt, there is a lot of sewing. Nonetheless, it’s simple sewing which makes it a perfect practice garment for the beginner.

I chose to include the optional pockets, but you could leave them off for a cleaner (less 70’s) look. If you’re feeling up to it, you could add hidden in-seam pockets! I may try that on a future version – there will be more. Take a look at Tilly’s gallery of Miettes for lots of inspiration.

The fabric is a hemp/organic cotton blend and I LOVE it. The color is versatile and the weight is just right. If you’re a linen-lover as I am, you’ll dig it. Bonus: it doesn’t wrinkle like crazy! These photos…

taken after a full day of wearing this skirt that included playing on the floor with toy cars. And puzzles. And trains. Oh my! I definitely gave the skirt a good wear-test and still felt great in it at the end of the day.

End result…I want to wear this every day! And I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing it with tights and boots in the fall.

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